Classroom: Tailwheel Training

A Collection of Tailwheel Resources

Very little of the below is my own work – instead, it’s a collection of resources that I’ve found helpful when teaching tailwheel. 


The Compleat Taildragger Pilot

This the first place I’ll send anyone wanting to fly taildraggers. There’s a lot of books out there – this one is my favorite intro. Harvey Plourde does a great job – and I end up teaching with a lot of the same terminology.


Damian DelGaizo’s Tailwheel 101

One of the best intro videos I’m aware of that tune you in to the basics of tailwheel. This is truly a must watch, and Damian is one of the best at teaching.


It’s Not Just The Rudder, Dummy

A lot of tailwheel is about waking those feet up. But, that’s not nearly enough. The Flying Fiddler (Dustin) does an outstanding job of addressing one of the biggest deficiencies (and sources of ground loops) that I see in taildragger pilots.


J3 Tailwheel Endorsement – Start-To-Finish

Damian DelGaizo back at it – teaching Gabriel Hernandez how to fly a Piper J3 Cub – there’s six videos in this series that show’s the process from start to finish.