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Chase Franzen



Hi, I’m Chase. I took a bit of an unconventional route to becoming a certificated flight instructor. This isn’t my job – it’s a passion I want to share with others.

I lead an IT Security team for a living. My background is scattered – I went to school for Economics and Political Science. Grad school for Business and Finance. I’ve taught as a college professor, own a restaurant, worked in management consulting, and renovate and own real estate investments. I also sail, rock climb, do ultra endurance races, snowboard, and scuba drive. Absolutely obsessed with traveling the world.

So how did I become a pilot? As a young kid, my uncle (a decorated Air Force pilot) invited me to fly with him. I was hooked. I knew, one day, I’d become a pilot as well. Fast forward 20 or so years later, I took a job across from Montgomery Airport in San Diego. Walked over one day at lunch, and signed up for the Plus One Flyers club.

I became a private pilot – saying I’d never go further. I lived in San Diego – why would I ever want to fly on anything but a perfect day? Then one day I got stuck, unable to return home, because of that pesky marine layer of clouds – thus, I now needed the instrument rating. Then a commercial rating because I thought I may want to fly for a skydiving company for fun. My instructor (Travis) told me that I needed to become a flight instructor having the instruction background already – and now the rest is history.

I have two vintage fabric taildraggers – co-owner in a 1941 Taylorcraft BL-65, and own a 1959 Piper Pacer. The former has no electronics, a wood prop, does about 75mph, 12 gallons of gas, no flaps – the truest form of flying. The latter (pictured right) is an IFR and backcountry powerhouse in an old frame. They are both incredibly machines that I get to be the caretaker for – and have touched both coasts in both of the airplanes (flown them both coast-to-coast).

I also co-own an experimental project airplane that a friend and I are developing – aided by being in A&P School at Miramar College part-time.

Being a flight instructor allows me to merge my love of flying with my passion for teaching. I’ll be a life-long, part-time flight instructor. I now have almost 2,000 hours of dual given, recognized as an FAA Gold Seal CFI (the top population of all flight instructors), and have created countless pilots. Teaching tailwheel, multi-engine, instrument, and mountain/bush flying are my jams – and those are the primary focuses of my instruction. If it sounds like we’d gel or if you have questions – let’s talk!


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