Chair flying – the way to learn for $0 at 0G.

Chair Flying

The airplane is a terrible classroom. Why? Well, it’s loud, distracting, and expensive. You’ve got a lot of other things on your mind while being the rules of what humans were supposed to do – having me bark in your ear is probably not something that will work out well.

What’s the solution? Learn and rehearse on the ground, practice in the air.

Chair flying is a way to learn a process or a maneuver, and then rehearse until you’ve got it stone cold. Once you get in the airplane, it will hopefully become second nature. 

“Conventional” usually means boring. Conventional gear is anything but boring.

Tailwheel Training

Put the little wheel on the right side of the plane. Become a way better overall pilot. Wake those feet up. Learn how to fly way cooler planes.

Becoming a tailwheel pilot will undoubtedly be one of the best investments you make in aviation. Tailwheel holds you to a higher standard and forces you to become “one” with the airplane. Yeah, that sounds cheesy – but it’s the truth.